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AQUA CARE® Deals in Water Purification Products Given as under:

  • FOR Domestic/ Municipal Water Purifiers.
  • FOR SALINE WATER Domestic & Industrial RO Reverse Osmosis Units.
  • Domestic & Industrial RO Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
  • All Types Of Cartridges & Chemicals for Domestic & Industrial Water Treatment.
  • Swimming Pool Equipment.
  • Colony Drinking Water Treatment Plants.
  • Mineral Water Treatments Plants.
  • Car Service / Wash Station Waste Water Re-Cycling Treatment Plants.
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants. & Also Provided Consultancy Above given.


AQUA CARE® Reverse Osmosis System.

AQUA CARE designed for where source water contains higher amount of dissolved salts. Reverse Osmosis allow a living call to select only the correct minerals and salts needed to sustain existence while rejecting those salts which would be for human body. more...


AQUA CARE® Sand Filter for Sedimentation.

A vessel of FRP, size 54" length 13" Dia having 4 type gravel filtration material beds with backwash system. Media filter are designed to be back-washed when they become loaded with slit or other particles. This backwash step also helps to reduce biological growth in the media. the highly spherical shape of UNCRUSHED GRAVEL PRAVEL promotes good flow. Being low in soluble impurities it will maintain the quality of the treated water. The sand filter removing suspended solids at size as small as 5 to 10 micron (UN), according to WHO standards. more...


AQUA CARE® Swimming Pool .

AQUA CARE Offers Complete Advise / Services in Pool Treatment and Maintenance, Provides as Per Swimming Pool Capacity or Customer's Requirement. more...

AQUA CARE also Provides Sand Filters, Gas Chlorinates Metering Pumps, Swimming Pool Gas & Electric Heaters, Pool Under Water Lights, Vacuum Cleaners, Inlets & Vacuum Points, Main Drain, Surface Skimmers/ Grating for Swimming Pool Over Flow Ducts, Steam Generators Pool Cleaning & All Fountain Accessories more...


AQUA CARE® Water Filter.

Fresh water may be contaminated due to septic pipes & tanks, which cause kidney Problems because Sand, Rust or Dust particles create stones in kidneys. For this problem out AQUA CARE® Water Filter does in depth filtration, removing maximum Sand, Silt, Rust, Dust and scale particles upto 5 Microns according to the W.H.O (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). more...



The Modular 900ml Push Soap Dispenser is a multi-purpose soap dispenser with a hand push operation and a refillable reservoir. The dispensers have interchangeable pumps to allow perfect dispensing of a variety of products- ideal for commercial, institutional and light industrial situations. more...


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