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What is Reverse Osmosis?
This system is designed for where source water contains higher amount of dissolved salts. Reverse Osmosis allow a living call to select only the correct minerals and salts needed to sustain existence while rejecting those salts which would be for human body.

How dose AQUA CARE Domestic Reverse Osmosis Works?
Reverse Osmosis uses a special Semi-Permeable TFC Membrane Filter. And thin Film Composite Filter rejects a higher percentage of all dissolved salts including sodium, the smallest Molecule. This unit change normal tap water into fine quality drinking water. There is no chemical used in the entire process.

First Stage Filtration:
Fresh water may be contaminated due to septic pipes and tanks, which may cause Kidney problems because sand, rust or dust particles up to 5 Micron according to the WHO standards.

Second Stage Purification:
In Second stage Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge (CBC, GAC,) purify water to removing heavy chlorine and chlorine by products such as Chromines, THMs, TCEs.

Third Stage UF ULTRA Filtration·
Hollow Fiber Ultra-filtration Membrane is one of the most advance and matured membrane filtration element. The micro-pores are distributed around the membrane capillary's surface. During the penetration of feed water to the membrane capillaries due to pressure effect, the filtration effect happens while only impurities and suspended solids are detained.
UF is a dynamic process and the entrapping suspended matter can be drained out following the concentration water (flushing water, A.K.A concentrate).
Ultra-filtration (UF) membrane is most commonly used due to its various unique features, i.e. superb filtration performance, lower operation pressure, energy & investment, smaller foot print, high adaptability to various application, has eventually lead to the trend of combining it with various known treatment method, i.e. media filter or other water treatment equipment to form up advanced water treatment system, known as Combined Membrane Filtration (CMF).

Common Applications
• Pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis (RO) and DI system
• Post-treatment for micro-organism & turbidity removal for
o Iron removal & de-mineralize process in underground water treatment
o Water softening application
o Ultra-pure process water for production and rinsing, i.e. food processing, laboratory, etc.
o Drinking water and mineral water treatment
o Secondary wastewater treatment for disposal
o Recycling of wastewater as potable water.
• Separation/ purification & concentration for
o Food & Beverages, dairy, wine and fruit juice industry
o Electrophoresis lacquer recover
o Pharmaceutical industries

Forth Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO)
After the water has already passed through three stages in this stage water passed through semi-permeable TFC (Thin Film Composite) Membrane. This film composing filter reject a higher percentage of all dissolved salts including sodium, these impurities are discharged down the sink drain after the whole process.

Fifth Stage In Line Carbon Filter:
Sixth Stage Ultra Violet Stage:



Technical Specification

Unit Capacity 75- GPD (Maximum)
Tank Capacity 3.5 Gallons
Filtration Rating: 5 to 0.0001 Microns
Pressure Rating: 125 PSI (Maximum)
Recovery Percentage: 20% - 25%
Rejection Percentage: 90%(Maximum)
Membrane: Spiral Semi Permeable TFC
Membrane Life: 36 Months (Depending upon dissolved salts).
Power Supply: 110V / 60 Hz, 220V / 50Hz
Special Features: Fully automatic (Power turns on, upon Water demand auto flush).
Filtration Rating 5-Micron in First stage. 10- Micron in Second stage. Micron in third stage. 10- Micron in Second stage. 0.01 Micron in third stage.
Replacement Time Of Cartridge Filter life depends on Your Water Quality and Using. 100% Coconut Shell. All Activated Carbon filters Be Change at least after 4 To 6 Months. Replace UF Cartridge at least after 12 Months. RO Membrane Changed after three years.
· Remove 100% Saline Water.
· Remove 100% Bactria & Virus from Water.
· Remove 100% Impurities from Water.
· Remove 100% Arsenic from Water.

NOTE: Blue Slim 20 Inches Housing installed Before Reverse Osmosis Unit available in 100/150/300/400/600 GPO




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